Case / Repulsive / Investigator / Museum / Evidence

Aim: presenting more closely one part of police work  – crime detection.
Target group: forms 7 - 12, also suitable to adults (groups of friends)

Description: after the house tour we will learn about the more exciting side of forensic science and get an overview of the tools that the police use to solve crimes. 
We ourselves will take the role of a forensic expert – we investigate a crime committed (the murder of Veera Vares), analyse the murder scene, collect evidence, look for connections, read files (interrogation records). We will identify the criminal.

  • Time: September – April
  • Target group: forms 7 - 12, also suitable to adults (groups of friends)
  • Duration: up to 2 hours
  • Admission: 8.- €

Registration and information – Kätri Kaik, +372 52 29397, katri@svm.ee

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