At The Heels Of A Traffic Policeman

Aim: Precautionary preventive activity – to present the workday of a traffic police officer, traffic safety.
Time: March – November.
Target group: Forms 1 - 12

Outdoor activities: raid on street (we will measure the speed of cars driving by), we will go to the scene of accident (a wrecked car in the courtyard of the museum – we will discuss why such an accident happened, measure the tyre tread depth, analyse how and at which speed objects and things move at the moment of collision and go through the safety rules). We will test a breathalyser and “fatigue goggles”. We will look at a police patrol car and police bus (the participants will learn what it feels like to sit on the police bus as a police officer or a detainee).

Indoor activities: after the outdoor programme, we will go into the museum where we can take the roles of a traffic police officer, constable, riot police officer and forensic expert. We will organise a fake riot and learn what is a strike team member and K-Komando. We will discuss how everyone can contribute to creating and sustaining a more secure environment. We will debunk some widely-held myths about police work and learn to value the importance of prevention in that job. We will test seat belts, measure response time, take fingerprints on a card (everyone can take them home), make a photo robot, identify false money, uncover the secret of the black box and do a lot else.

  • Time: March – November
  • Target group: forms 1 - 12
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Admission: 7.- €

Registration and information – Kätri Kaik, +372 52 29397,

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