Together We Create Security

Aim: presenting to students the activity of the police as a national authority and their role in ensuring security in society.
Target group: forms 1 - 12.

Description: we learn about various aspects of police work and examine the role of the police in Estonia today. In roleplay, we take the roles of both a traffic police officer and forensic expert and put down a fake riot. We discuss how everyone can contribute to creating and maintaining a more secure environment. We debunk widely held myths about police work and learn to value the importance of prevention in that job. Through practical activities we put ourselves in the role of an investigator and by solving challenges we open the safe for every participant to get a present from it.

Activities: testing seat belts, measuring response time, trying on drunk goggles, taking part in a riot, taking fingerprints on a card (everyone can take them home), making a photo robot, identifying false money, uncovering the secret of the black box.

  • Time: all year round
  • Target group: forms 1 - 12
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Admission: 7.- €

Registration and information – Kätri Kaik, +372 52 29397,

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