Politseimuuseum Lastemuuseum

Police Academy

Aim: informing children about the essence of police work.
Target group: 5-8-year-olds.

Lapsena liikluses valgusfoor

A Child in Traffic

Aim: learning the principles of safe traffic.
Target group: 5-8-year-olds.

Märul Politseimuuseumis

Together We Create Security

Aim: presenting to students the activity of the police as a national authority and their role in ensuring security in society.
Target group: forms 1 - 12.

Politseibussi kong Politseimuuseumis

At The Heels Of A Traffic Policeman

Aim: Precautionary preventive activity – to present the workday of a traffic police officer, traffic safety.
Time: March – November.
Target group: Forms 1 - 12

Eriüksuse operatsioon

Special Unit

Aim: Participants in the programme will be presented with the work of the police and special units. Those interested will have an opportunity to take the role of a special unit member.
Target group: forms 6 - 12, also suitable to adults (groups of friends).

Fotoroboti koostamine Politseimuuseumis

Spies And Spooks

Target group: forms 1 - 12, also suitable to adults.

Sõrmejälgede kaart Politseimuuseumis


Case / Repulsive / Investigator / Museum / Evidence

Aim: presenting more closely one part of police work  – crime detection.
Target group: forms 7 - 12, also suitable to adults (groups of friends)

Jalgratturi ABC

Cycling ABC

Aim: presenting the safety gear of cyclists and principles of safe traffic.
Target group: forms 1 - 4.