How to identify the causes of a crime or does each act leave a trace?

Target group: from the age of 12, also suitable for adults (groups of friends).

CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) type investigation where the setting is a pre-trial laboratory and the participants take the roles of experts whose task is to carry out autopsy, do biometric testing and study different body fluids.

The autopsy clarifies the location of the body parts and  peculiarities of human anatomy, and as a result of a real autopsy it is jointly determined what device was used to cause the fatal injury.

Biometrics (a complex of mathematical methods for describing and studying organisms and processes related to them) are used to examine what traces a person leaves. Fingerprints are taken and people are identified using the iris of the eye and face recognition.

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Body fluids are examined to identify which traces have been left by blood, paint, ketchup and other substances. Blood marks are indentified. DNA isolation.

  • Time: all year round
  • Target group: from the age of 12, also suitable for adults (groups of friends)
  • Duration: up to 1.5 hours
  • Price: 8.- €

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