Special Unit

Aim: Participants in the programme will be presented with the work of the police and special units. Those interested will have an opportunity to take the role of a special unit member.
Target group: forms 6 - 12, also suitable to adults (groups of friends).

Description: in role plays, the visitors will take the roles of both traffic police officers and forensic experts. Through practical activities, we will put ourselves in the role of an investigator.  Testing seat belts, measuring response time, trying on fatigue goggles, taking part in a riot,  taking fingerprints on a card (everyone can take the fingerprints with them), making a photo robot, identifying false money, a lie detector test.

Taking control of an emergency situation: After visiting the museum, the participants are divided into two-member teams. Special unit gear (tactical vests, guns, goggles and helmets) are handed out. After safety instructions, the teams (pairs) go to the special unit area, where they must neutralise twelve bad guys. The time is limited – only cooperation and communication with each other will lead to the aim. The most accurate team will win.

Copies of weapons in use at the police are used during the special unit operation.

The special unit VIDEO through the eyes of a reporter from the daily Postimees can be watched HERE.   

Aim: to create in the participants the feeling of a genuine police special unit and a real sense of danger while making the participants collaborate and develop communication in a crisis situation.

  • Time: all the year round
  • Target group: forms 6 - 12, also suitable to adults (groups of friends)
  • Duration: up to 2 hours
  • Admission: 8.- €

Registration and information – Kätri Kaik, +372 52 29397, katri@svm.ee

Eriüksuse operatsioon