Spies And Spooks

Target group: forms 1 - 12, also suitable to adults.

Begins with a tour in the museum.
Description: Indoors, visitors take the roles of a traffic police officer and spies. Through practical activities, we put ourselves in the role of an investigator. Testing seat belts, measuring response time, trying on drunk goggles, taking part in a riot, taking fingerprints on a card (everyone can take the fingerprints with them), making a photo robot, identifying false money, a lie detector test.
The visitors can also try the role of a spy. We analyse the played riot by the camera recording. Eavesdropping through the wall. We look into various possibilities of spying. We talk about traitors and their punishments. How tracable are we? On which condition can we be tracked? Which materials can be used as proof in court ?

  • Time: all the year round
  • Target group: forms 1 - 12, also suitable to adults
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Admission: 7.- €

Registration and information – Kätri Kaik, +372 52 29397, katri@svm.ee

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